Monday, October 29, 2007

World Champions!!

The Boston Red Sox are WORLD CHAMPIONS and we are the proud owners of this swing set! We purchased bunk beds from Jordan's and now we get a refund check. I can't think of a better way to spend the refund check than on a swing set. Who needs a vacation? Not me! I couldn't even wait for the refund and I had to go out this afternoon to buy it. The swing set will be delivered the day before Thanksgiving and the boys are so excited!I have three very happy boys, 2 little ones who can't wait for their new toy and one big one over the win of his favorite team! Being a Boston sport fan is a fun job right now, with the Red Sox as World Champions, the Patriots undefeated and Boston College as the # 2 college football team in the country!! With that said I am so happy baseball season is over, now I can watch my shows on T.V. That's the deal in this house; during baseball season we watch the Red Sox but during the off season I am in control of the remote!

Friday, October 26, 2007


21 months of waiting. I am so tired of these LID post, maybe I'll just stop documenting each month of waiting.

Really good news on the rumor front and Rumor Queen reported that:

"A European site says the cut off will be the 12th, possibly the 13th. There is no information about where this information comes from. They say they are “confirming this”, they aren’t treating it as a rumor but as fact. "

Sooo, that puts a little smile on my face. Hard to believe that maybe we will see more than 7 days of referrals this month and I am trying to stay grounded. I will say that it is nice to see my fellow January friends starting to get excited! If the CCAA gets to December 12th then we would be right on track for an April referral and maybe even a March referral! I think it may be time for us to start taking off the wallpaper in Lily's room.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Go Red Sox!

All is quiet on the adoption front. There is one rumore that the CCAA will at least get to 12/10/05 for the November referrals. I really need this rumor to pan out if I want an April referral. I wish I was in a better place emotionally right now but I'm not. I am so tired of this wait and I feel very anxious about how may days will be matched with the next referrals. I need so see some significant progress (yes, 10 days would be considered significant).

The good news is that the Boston Red Sox are in the World Series. We are all very excited but we also may be getting a $1400.00 check if they win! In the spring we purchased some furniture at a local furniture store and the deal was that if the Red Sox won the World Series we get our furniture for free!! We unfortunately had to leave our swing set at the old house when we moved so we told the boys if the Red Sox win they get a new swing set. Hopefully in 2 more weeks The Red Sox will be the World Champions and the boys will have a new swing set in the backyard!

Let's Go Red Sox!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Catching Up

The good news was that our 11/30 friends received their referrals. The bad news was that 11/30 was the cut off. PEOPLE, we are NOT making a whole lot of progress! Ok, back to the good news. So, we found out on Thursday September 27th that referrals were coming. Our friends received their long awaited phone call on Wednesday October 2nd and then they finally received their pictures on Tuesday October 9th! All the girls are absolutely beautiful and watching our dear friends during this process had been emotional, to say the least! The process worked for them and now they will hopefully be traveling to China in December. I have to have faith and lots of hope that the process will work for us. This brings me back to the not so good news. The CCAA gave referrals out for 5 days, only 3 working days. Yes, we are finally out of November but I still have no idea when we will receive our referral. I think we could still have another 6 - 8 months to wait. Does that sound familiar?? It should because that is the time frame we were told when we started this process 2 1/2 years ago! I am hoping and praying we will see some progress with the November referrals, it's all I can really do. With any luck it takes 3 months to get through Dec. and three months to get through January, that leaves us with an April referral. That is my best guess at this point. Before I sign off I would like to welcome three precious girls to our "99" family. Welcome Caroline, Lia and Sophia!! We can't wait to meet you all. If you happen to see Lily around let her know her family is ready for her!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Celebration Time!

Finally, something good is happening!! Last Thursday our agency sent out their monthly update saying that November 30th would be receiving referrals with the October batch. Pat gets the updates so he called me with the news. I cried tears of Joy for my November 30th "99er" friends! Their wait was so close to being over! I came home and immediately called Nancy, one of my "99er" friends and she had not yet read the e- mail. So, I was the one to tell her that her referral was coming! The tears kept coming from both of us. After that there was nothing to do but wait until our agency received the referrals. Luckily, Nancy's baby shower was on Saturday so we had a reason to celebrate. It was great seeing Nancy and the other "99er" gals (Laura and Marile) and to be able to congratulate them in person. Well, today was the day that the agency received referrals and the phone calls arrived. All three couples received referrals for their daughters and Patrick and I are so excited and happy for them. We can't wait to meet the newest additions to our "99" family!