Wednesday, September 26, 2007

20 Months

20 Months ago today China took our dossier and logged us into their system. The review room then looked at our file months later and luckily we were asked no questions. Now our file is in the matching room and we are just waiting our turn. It's been a long 20 months and we are ready for our journey to end. Unfortunately, we still have many more months. In the end we will have out daughter home but for now the count continues!!

No news yet on referrals for this month. My November 30th "99er" friends are waiting patiently. We need something to celebrate so hopefully we will have good news very soon!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Florida Fling

I spent the weekend in Florida with some great bloggy freinds! It was a reunion trip and when we met last year we really thought we would have all our girls for our 2nd annual. We were lucky enough to have one home and she was the joy of out trip. Husbands were invited this year but Pat had his annual football trip so he was unable to attend. It was so nice to meet the men and a few new women that I had not met before. The Hilton's were fabulous host and the day at Epcot was fantastic. Some of the highlights of the weekend were: Riz's smooth feet, pictures around the pool, lamb burgers, Lia, the truckvanbus, all the fabulous gifts, champagne toast, pet peevs, laughing and beer around the world with Eric. I could go on and on and I know I am leaving a million things out but I don't ever think I could capture the weekend with a blog post. I will leave you with a few pictues.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Survivor China

I haven't watched Survivor in a few years but I has to see this one! It is really the same show over and over but in a different location. As with all things China related I am already obsessed and plan on watching this season. Can't say I was sad to see "chicken" go!
Nothing new in adoption world. We are probally still 2 weeks away from referrals and there are no rumors yet about the cutoff. I however am leaving in 10 short hours for Sunny Florida. I have reunion weekend with a few bloggy friends. Really looking foreward to this weekend and a little morale boost. Have I said lately how much this wait sucks!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Forget

I know I will never forget September 11th. Our lives were changed forever. I will also never forget the moment I was told that I knew two of the heros that died for us that day. Today in Attleboro, Mass. Lynn Goodchild's family passed out red, white and blue carnations and asked people to commmit a random act of kindness in Lynn and Sean Nassaney's memory. I ask you all to do the same for all the 9/11 victims.

And Now Preschool!!

Yesterday Shea went to Kindergarten and today I sent Bryce to preschool! Both my boys are in school and I have no babies home. Bryce did great at school and never even looked back to give me a wave. Pat and I brought Bryce into the classroom and told him we were leaving and he just stood at the tool bench and said "bye". It was so much harder for Pat and I to leave that classroom and to leave Bryce than it was for him to leave us! So now I have 5 hours a week alone. I of course thought Lily would be home by now and I would be spending 1:1 time with her; but as I have done for 2 years now I readjust my plans. I have decided to spend the time running. I used to run and at one time I called myself a "runner" but over the last 5 years finding time to run has become more difficult. I want my baby home and I am feeling impatient but I again find myself thinking how grateful I am for the opportunity to have had this extra time with the boys and now to able to pick up an old hobby!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Today was the day I put Shea on the bus to start kindergarten! Overall things went well; except for the fact the bus driver tried to drop him off at our old house!!! Luckily, I had prepared Shea that this may happen and he spoke up and told the bus driver his new address. No tears were shed by either of us but it was very difficult for me to hold them in. Even with only attending 1/2 day Kindergarten Shea was exhausted when he got off the bus and it took a while to get anything out of him. When he did talk the jist of the conversation was that gym class was cool! I can't believe how fast 5 years goes and now my baby is in kindergaten. This really starts a whole new chapter of our lives. I attend my first PTO meeting next week, so weird to even say that! Tomorrow Bryce starts preschool, I hope they're ready for him!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Packing Challenge

I have recently joined a yahoo group where we work on packing for our trip to China. Each month we focus on something different and in August the challenge was to accumulate everything we will need for our diaper bag. I had so much fun gathering all the items and now my diaper bag is packed; even though we are months away from a referral!! I plan on bringing a backpack for my carry on and then using it for my diaper bag once in China. I will also have a smaller bag with me for shorter outings. If you want to view my list it is here under the post titled "finally". It felt so good to work on something adoption related and to make progress! My biggest fear is that we would get our referral after 2+ years and I would have nothing done. My hope is that after our referral I can focus on preparing the boys for when we are gone (making meals, leaving them small gifts, etc..). So now the next challene is packing everything else we will need for the baby, I'll let you know how I do at the end of the month!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day fun and another referral batch

Spent Sunday at the Buffett concert. Yes, the concert was at 7:30 but it really was a whole day event. We prepared for the tailgate and then we tailgated Buffett style with lots of Margaritas and food. The concert was at Gillette Stadium and we had fantastic seats! We were one level up from the floor to the right of the stage and I really could see Jimmy's face. There is something about Jimmy Buffett that just makes me feel so carefree and happy! Well that carefree feeling and happiness ended Monday morning, and not just because of the margaritas I drank Sunday night! Referrals were sent out and the CCAA matched only 4 days and they are now up to 11/25/05. I knew they would not finish November but I couldn't help but to be hopeful. Sooo, October will be the month our 11/3o freinds get their referrals. They are NEXT!! In a few short weeks they will see their babies picture. This will give me the boost I need to endure this never ending wait. I am still hoping for a February referral but March is more realistic at this point. I was successful at getting through the summer without Lily and now a new season begins. I guess I should go think of all the great things the boys and I can do together and convince myself that March is a prefect time for a refferal!