Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Year Ago Today.....

We received the phone call that forever changed our lives! It was our referral call and the day that Yue Mei Chun entered our family. Yue Mei Chun became known as Lily Mei Chun and has brought so much joy to our lives as our daughter and baby sister. Life is busy right now (hence no posting all summer!) but today is a day to reflect on the past year. I still get emotional thinking about last August 11th but the one thing that sticks out is how I knew immediately that Yue Mei Chun was meant to be our daughter as soon as I heard her info. When we saw her picture there was no doubt that this beautiful girl with big cheeks was her daddy's girl. A year later people are still telling us how she looks like her daddy, LOL! I never knew an Irish guy and a Chinese girl could resemble each other so much! We had another milestone on July 6th. That was the day that Lily had been with our family one day longer than she had spent it the orphanage. I feel so blessed that Lily was a young as she was when she was placed in our arms. I know she will never remember her early beginnings but not a day goes by that I don't wish she never had to spend a night in the orphanage. I realize that Lily's first eight months are part of her history and without that we would not have her as our daughter. I am just so thankful that she was well cared for and was prepared to be loved by her forever family!

I 'll end with a few pictures of Lily over the summer.