Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Matching Has Begun!

RQ has reported that matching has begun!!! This could really be it..we could have a file on a desk in China with our pictures and a picture of our daughter!! Of course there has been a bit of drama this week. Rumors were floating around that referrals would not be sent until after the Olympics. My agency did confirm with me today that they still think we should get referrlas this month and now there is a rumor on RQ that matching has begun. There is a lot of speculation that the CCAA will be closed for the month of August due to the Olympics, if this is the case then I think referrals would be sent out on Friday and we could possibly get a call on Monday or Tuesday! Hopefully some more news in the next few days!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

30 Months

Saturday marked our 30 month LID anniversary. I am very hopeful this will be our last month of waiting and that our original wait of 6 - 8 months will end at just over 30 months. We still do not know for sure if the CCAA will send out referrals before the start of the Olympics, but I hope we will have that answer in the next few days. Keep everything crossed for us and if you pray then we could use a few prayers to!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Just a quick post to say Happy Anniversary to Patrick. We have been married 9 years, together for 17! We met very young and new even then that we would be together forever. We have been blessed with 2 wonderful sons, a loving family and a great group of friends. We have wonderful examples of marriages in our family and my grandparents are getting ready to celebrate 61 years of marriage in September. I can only hope that I have the chance to spend the next 52 years with Patrick, I can't wait to see what you are like at 87!

We are still waiting patiently for rumors this month. I am hoping that by this point next week we know that matching has begun and we are getting ready for our phone call. Only another week or two until we see our Lily. To say we are ready is an understatement!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


As reported on RQ:

"The soonest I would expect to see them this month is Monday, August 4 and the latest is Thursday, August 14. The most likely arrival based on the average would be Thursday, August 7."

August 4th is also my best guess. I think that the CCAA may send them out the week before the Olympics and then they will probably be off of work during the Olympics. I really hope nothing goes wrong and they don't lose our file because we will have to wait until after the Olympics to clear up any issues. I know I am thinking of problems that haven't happened yet but I just can't help but think the worse.

I like to think we have 3 more weekends before referrals. Weekends are always the hardest because there is never any information or new rumors. This weekend Pat and I will be away for a night to celebrate our anniversary, following weekend we have a wedding and the third weekend I will probably be in isolation!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Travel Buddies

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Kathy's baby shower. Kathy is with my agency and we share a LID so we will travel together. Pat and I have formed a friendship with Kathy and her husband Erik over the last few years of waiting and we are so blessed to share this wait with them. Kathy's shower was wonderful and she received lots of great things for her daughter to be, Emma. Sandy, also from our agency and travel group, also attended the shower. It was a great way to spend the day and it really made us excited for what's to come in the next few weeks.

Sandy, Kathy and myself: Ready for China!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Going to the beach was the best decision I could of made. I needed to distance myself from all the "adoption anxiety" and having not great Internet service was the only way it was going to happen for me. I figured I would find out all the important stuff and I did......
The cutoff is officially January 25, 2006. We are NOT receiving our referral this month. We are however absolutely NEXT!!!! Yes, I was sad and angry about not receiving our referral but I LOVE the fact that we know we will be in the next batch. The question changes from "are we in" to "WHEN". This wait is hard, the hardest thing I have ever done and at times it feels unfair. Every month someone misses the cutoff by one day and this month it was our turn.

My only concern is will the CCAA be sending out referrals before the Olympics. What if NEXT means September and not August? I did put a call into our agency and they said they have been told that matching will continue and to expect our referral at the end of July / beginning of August. After waiting 29 months I can handle 4 more weeks!

While away we did celebrate Shea's 6th Birthday. My boy is growing up! Shea is a sweet, sensitive, creative special boy. I am amazed at how wise he is and I learn something from him every day! He is an amazing big brother to Bryce and is looking foreword to loving and protecting his baby sister. Happy Birthday Shea Patrick!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Buzz Kill

Well, after stalking RQ for 2 days and putting calls into the agency we find out that the "packages in the air" were NOT referrals. We still have no idea what the cutoff is and if we are even included in this months referrals. We are frustrated to say the least. I have to remember that I originally did not think we would hear anything until July 7th so I think I will go back to thinking that. Tomorrow is Shea's birthday and I need to focus on making his day special. I am leaving the island (my kitchen island!) and going to the beach. I will bring my computer and still do frequent checks but I can't stare at my computer any longer. Hopefully I will have good news soon.