Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look Who's 5!!

Bryce turned 5 on Saturday. So hard to believe that my baby boy is 5 years old! We spent the day having a party with a few of his friends and then it turned into a big family/friend cookout. Bryce had a great day and loved the water slide and the bouncy house. Bryce is a very fun big brother for Lily. He is always able to make her laugh and although I am constantly telling him to be gentle, Lily loves to play rough with Bryce! Bryce and his big brother, Shea, are truly the best of friends..even if I am pulling them off each other a few times each hour! Bryce is my passionate child who lets us all know what he is thinkingand feeling. Bryce is a jokester and is always making us all laugh.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amelia Island

Lily and I spent this last weekend at Amelia Island in Florida with some amazing people. Over my 31 month wait for Lily I became very close friends with an amazing group of women. We had a few trips with just the moms while we were waiting for our babies to arrive but now that all the babies are home we decided to meet once again. Of the 14 families in our group 10 were able to meet in Amelia Island. It was an amazing weekend. Each one of the girls were absolutely precious and fit into their families so perfectly. We had a photo shoot on Saturday night and lots of cute pictures were taken. Lily seemed to think she should be the center of attention and kept standing up and clapping. Lily and I had a great weekend together and she was a great little traveler.

Have I mentioned how much joy this little girl brings to our family every day?!!!