Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amelia Island

Lily and I spent this last weekend at Amelia Island in Florida with some amazing people. Over my 31 month wait for Lily I became very close friends with an amazing group of women. We had a few trips with just the moms while we were waiting for our babies to arrive but now that all the babies are home we decided to meet once again. Of the 14 families in our group 10 were able to meet in Amelia Island. It was an amazing weekend. Each one of the girls were absolutely precious and fit into their families so perfectly. We had a photo shoot on Saturday night and lots of cute pictures were taken. Lily seemed to think she should be the center of attention and kept standing up and clapping. Lily and I had a great weekend together and she was a great little traveler.

Have I mentioned how much joy this little girl brings to our family every day?!!!


Hannah said...

ok now this is just wrong ... these pictures are just too cute for words!!!!! i am so happy you got to spend a wonderful "girls weekend" away with your most precious girl(s)!!! keep blogging .. she makes my heart happy!!!!!
love to you from maryland ... debbie

hiltonsheadeast said...

Oh, Miss M ...I cannot believe our weekend is over. What an amazing reunion. I cannot wait for the next one. Miss you ! Lori

Anonymous said...

Missy, have been waiting and waiting for an update - this was PERFECT!!! They are all just so cute! Who/How the adorable matching outfits??


MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...

Loved meeting Lily she is so cute with her dancing moves. It was great to se you again, and can't wait to see everyone again someday soon!

Laura said...

Your whole blog is wonderful! I love all the pictures and the information you have shared. We just received our referral from the Yu Gan County Social Welfare Institute - Yue Mei Le! I would love to learn anything you want to share about the orphanage, the country and the kids! Our LID was 3-15-06 so we have been waiting a long time as well! Thanks, Laura